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Jecams Inc

Office Furniture Solutions. Your Innovative Partner. Wide Selection of Furniture and Furnishing for Offices, Schools, Resto-Bar, Hotels and Home Environment.

Revolutionizing the way we work

Steelcase (a metal office furniture company in Michigan, USA) teamed up with IPSOS Group (a global market research and consulting firm with worldwide headquarter in Paris, France) and conducted a survey among 10,500 workers in Europe, North America and Asia about the correlation between employees’ satisfaction with their work environment and their level of engagement.

It was found out that only 11% of respondents were highly satisfied and they were also the most highly engaged. They agree that their workplace allows them to:


concentrate easily

freely express and share ideas

work in teams without being interrupted

choose where to work within the office, based on their task

feel relaxed, calm

feel a sense of belonging to their company and its culture

Good office design will directly influence employee morale and engagement with your business. It affects employees’ health, well-being and productivity in the workplace.

For many companies, it’s hard to find a balance between an open space and enclosed, private spaces. You have to think carefully about how you want to design your space. Open-office plans are great for facilitating collaboration and transparency but this setup also make privacy and focus a real challenge. The struggle now comes down to providing a workplace that employees are happy coming to.

At Jecams Inc., we carry out a total solution for office fit out - space planning, floor layout, 3D rendering, implementation and construction, commissioning and testing. That’s why we setup a dedicated team to handle everything from start to finish. We also collaborate with clients to ensure that we deliver an office space that will work best for their employees and appropriate to their requirement and budget.

Once we know what will inspire people, we can create a workplace where people can flourish. Designing and fitting out attractive offices is what we are delighted to help you with.

Fit Out Solutions

A well planned and properly organized office helps in increasing productivity and performance of employees and thereby helps in expanding your business. Commercial office fit outs maximize the use of the free space and
hence uses it in the best way possible.

Company Image

It will give people a nice impression of your company; it might even help them push through with the partnership with you. A good office layout plus organized working area is equal to the trust of the people that you will be working with.

Efficient use of space

We will maximize your space with the best designs that we have which will surely give you an excellent look of your office. Individuals or employees can now work seamlessly and concentrate effectively at large, it simply presents a sustainable and economic solution that can help a business, regardless of its size to make the most out of the available space.


We ensure that our design reflects your business and that it will surely suit your style. We will not let you down when it comes to our products. Providing you the great services, delivered.

Jecams Inc. set-up a dedicated team to design, space plan and implement office fit out. The team is composed of experienced professional worker in their respective field, that is, architectural and engineering design and implementation. Thru collaborative process with our client, we are able to create workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget.

Expert in production and installation

of modular furniture such as workstations,customize tables, reception counter,office sofa, chairs and other ‘loose’ furniture. We have the complete range of services, from furniture design, production, logistics and site installation.

Offering fast turnaround

quality workmanship at reasonable price. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and value for money.

On-site Construction and Installation may include:
  • Flooring and suspended ceilings.
  • Distribution of mechanical and electrical services.
  • Installation of offices.
  • Installation of facilities like meeting rooms, board rooms, conference rooms. Fitting out reception areas.
  • Internal surface finishes.
  • Installation of workstation with convenience outlet.
  • Installation of special lighting.
  • Installation of ICT equipment.
  • Installation of audio visual equipment.
  • Fit out of pantry/kitchen areas.
  • Blinds and Final finishes.

Our Commitments

Our passion for providing the best products for our clients extends to giving them the best services. We understand that accurate planning, coordination and implementation of activity sequencing in interior works and design, installation and construction can fundamentally affect the final result of the project. With our recent accreditation on PCAB (Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board) , we offer office fit out, renovation and turnkey projects delivering simplicity of transaction and productivity to our clients. Jecams Inc. office fit out solution may include the following Services:

Site inspection

Space planning

Floor plan

3D rendering design

Material and Labor Cost Estimate

Blue Print With Sign And Seal Of Professional Worker

Mobilisation And Demobilisation Of Materials

Permit Acquisition

Construction And Installation

Commissioning And Testing

Turnover And Warranty

Post Turnover Services

We believe in good design workplace

Can elevate morale and improve productivity of people and promote the image of the company.
We strive to be a customer service oriented company with transparency in every transaction. We concentrate on
developing an understanding of a client’s specific requirements rather than offering a conventional office design.



Want someone to take care of your office needs?

Contact one of our sales executives.