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No. 3 Queen Street Forest Hills, Novaliches, Quezon City 1117



Transitional Style

A combination between traditional and contemporary style. It is often distinguished with the merging of clean lines and bold colors of contemporary with the rich fabrics and ornate patterns of traditional.

Scandinavian Vibe

A style that implies a bright and muted color palette in the interior that creates a comfy and homey atmosphere. Characterized with simplicity, functionality and subdued elegance.

Industrial Madness

Industrial madness speaks a combination of variety of elements adding a raw and with the re-fined as a signature look in the space, showcases neutral tone, utilitarian objects, wood and metal surfaces

Modern Classic

Modern classic aesthetic features a classical architectural details that complements a modern elements in the interior with the use of ornate moldings, classic wall paneling with a complementary but traditional statement color scheme like neutral with an accent hue. Furniture pieces are melded with a modern and classical style that plays a friendly character look in the space

Sleek Contemporary

Sleek Contemporary suggests clean lines & relaxing ambience that communicate an aura of cool professionalism with aesthetically functional furniture pieces used for prime comfort and ergonomics.



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