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Jecams Inc

Office Furniture Solutions. Your Innovative Partner. Wide Selection of Furniture and Furnishing for Offices, Schools, Resto-Bar, Hotels and Home Environment.

Note: Actual colors and gradients of the items may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and rendering.

Note: Actual colors and gradients of the items may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and rendering.


Werzalit table tops are manufactured specially for use inside and outside using a patented procedure. Due to its high density material core manufactured from naturally grown wood and the surface pressed homogeneously with the wood material, Werzalit table tops are durable, hard-wearing and completely weatherproof. All Werzalit products are subjected to strict quality checks and tested for robustness and long-term weather resistance both in environmental chambers and natural weathering conditions in a wide range of climatic regions. Werzalit table tops come in a number of shapes, sizes and surface finishes, ranging from various standard decors to fabric covers and individual logos and motif prints. This variety makes Werzalit table tops the ideal furniture for gardens and recreation areas, as well as for professional catering furniture, trade fairs and events.

Werzalit Attractive design, impressive craftsmanship . . .

An inviting ambience is a key factor for a comfortable restaurant experience. WERZALIT table tops are available in an ample selection of decors and shapes to offer the perfect look for every taste. The patented manufacturing process ensures that they retain their beauty for a very long time.

Indian Shesman / 1525 woodart

Mermer / 5410
f a n t a s y

Coco Bolo / 4396 woodart

Kapito / 4204 woodart

Maracaibo / 4614 woodart

5544 | Alumini

5655 | Monaco

woodart f a n t a s y

60x60 I 70x70 I 80x80


Presented in different wood textures ranging from natural looking tree veins to braided textures. It is a collection that combines style and natural look at the same time

Akcaagac / 4206 woodart

White Oak / 4208 woodart

Acik Mese / 4220 woodart

R.Mese / 4223 woodart

Koyu Ahsap / 4223 woodart

Armut / 4251 woodart

Novecento P woodart

Real Teak / 4395 woodart

Rustik Dark oak woodart

Cream Outline woodart

Coffee Outline woodart

Koyu Rattan woodart

Acik Rattan woodart

White Pine woodart

Patina Pine woodart

Old Pine / 4573 woodart

Fineline Maple woodart

Redden Wood woodart

Iceland Oak 2 woodart

Asia Chestnut woodart

Europe Chesnut

Grey Birch / 4645

f a n t a s y

Fantasy, marble and granite surfaces, up to natural stone and artistic designs is presented to your liking with a product range consisting of different designs. The beauty of our Fantasy series products is its own richness of nature. As beautiful as dreams / to the romantic designs . . .

Acik Punti
f a n t a s y

White Block
f a n t a s y

Black Mist
f a n t a s y

M.Oxid / 5628
f a n t a s y

M.Oxid / 5629
f a n t a s y

f a n t a s y

Canyon Black woodart

M.Oxid / 5630
f a n t a s y

Raw Steel Grey
f a n t a s y

Alfyon Marble
f a n t a s y

Sahara / 5684
f a n t a s y

Granite Rose
f a n t a s y

Graffite Day
f a n t a s y

White Miracle
f a n t a s y

Romantic Flowers
f a n t a s y



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