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No. 3 Queen Street Forest Hills, Novaliches, Quezon City 1117



Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Fit-out solutions



Product Warranty

  • How long is your product warranty?

    We provide a maximum warranty of 1 year except for high-end system, like the Marshallord Series.

  • Why haven’t some chairs had warranty?

    Since our chairs are imported, this happens only if the original manufacturer does not provide us with warranty. But Jecams now offers in-house warranty for as long as three (3) months for most of our chairs.

  • Why haven’t items had a warranty certificate?

    We can provide warranty certificate upon request.

  • Why do most of your items are covered by short warranty only?

    Basic warranty as stated by Philippine Law is set to a minimum time frame of six (6) months and a maximum time frame of one (1) year. There's also an in-house warranty (example: 7-day warranty). This type of warranty is an independent service given by a company out of generosity. Those items that have shorter warranties are covered only by Jecams’ in-house warranty.

  • Do you repair furniture?

    Yes, but only if it was purchased from us and if it’s still under warranty. Fees may apply for those that are beyond warranty.

  • What are the scope and limitation of the warranty?

    A standard one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty against factory defect from date of delivery in parts and services shall apply. To ascertain the actual date of delivery, that appearing in the Delivery Receipt shall prevail. Further, the warranty does not include upgrades and relocation, damage to items caused by accident, improper use or abuse of the items, alterations, scratches, dents or repairs done by a person other than Jecams Inc. Service Agents, usage of component parts not supplied by Jecams Inc., poor operating environment, fire and other natural calamities. Fabrics, leatherette, mesh, and the likes are not included in the warranty.

  • Who should we talk to if we have a complaint or clarification regarding the products and services?

    Our Sales Team is always willing to assist you with your queries and concerns. Visit our Contact Us page to get our contact information. Click here.

  • What’s your edge among other office furniture companies?

    We have the widest selection of office furniture--- seating, partitions, office tables, filing cabinets, and other office essentials. We are not just an office furniture company; we handle everything from start to finish. We also carry out a total solution for office fit out --- space planning, floor layout, 3D rendering, implementation and construction, commissioning and testing. This includes architectural, electrical, civil, structured cabling, plumbing, fire protection, mechanical, air conditioning system installation, custom furniture and workstation systems, and other related services. We are a one-stop shop for all your office needs.

  • Are you a VAT-registered company?

    Yes, as mandated by the Philippine law. A person or entity that offers sale of goods or properties or services should be VAT-registered.

  • Do you honor VAT-exempt companies?

    Yes, provided they present a copy of their certification.

Product Quality

Product Quotation



  • How much do you charge for delivery?

    If it’s within Metro Manila, delivery is free of charge but if it’s in provincial areas, a forwarder suggested and chosen by the client shall make the actual delivery. Therefore, it’s up to the forwarder how much it will charge the client. The responsibility over the items will be then transferred to the forwarder.

  • What is the delivery timeframe?

    For Standard Items, delivery shall be made within a period of 10-15 working days upon receipt of the purchase order, down payment and complete specifications. For Indent Items, it can be within a period of 45-60 working days.


Indent Items

Furniture Maintenance



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