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No. 3 Queen Street Forest Hills, Novaliches, Quezon City 1117



Terms and Policy

The following terms and conditions shall apply once client favourably considered our proposal. Please note, however, that some specific rules and other terms of agreement might take effect. These shall be discussed by the agent to the client and will be made known through a written contract.


1. All prices are quoted in Philippine Pesos inclusive of VAT, delivered and installed at site within Metro Manila.

2. Price quoted is based on the specifications provided by JECAMS INC. and accepted by the client and vice-versa. Changes in design or specifications after approval of proposal may be subject to price adjustment as the parties may agree.

3. Prices may vary without prior notice and shall not be considered final unless and until this Quotation Proposal has been signed and accepted.


1. 10 days from the date of proposal, subject to a written confirmation thereafter.

2. Stock availability may vary without prior notice.


1. A COD shall be required unless JECAMS, INC. and the Client shall otherwise agree.

2. The balance of the quoted and agreed price shall be paid upon completion and full delivery of the project, on fit-out projects, the balance shall be paid through progress billing.

3. Payments withheld (retention) against product non-compliance (sub-specification, defect, damage) shall be limited to equal the amounts of products and/or services involved and withheld only until acceptable product replacement and/or service completion and or rectification is delivered.

4. Any payment made through the bank is acceptable. In case of bank transfers, payment shall be considered upon actual crediting of the bank to JECAMS, INC. account. Check payment is subject to clearing. Actual payment shall be considered made only upon clearing of such checks, not on the date of deposit. All checks should be payable to JECAMS, INC. only. Any payment made that is not payable to JECAMS, INC will not be recognized

5. Provincial clients are encouraged to pay through the bank. Copy of deposit slip shall be furnished to JECAMS, INC. prior to delivery and/or installation via facsimile or e-mail is preferable and acceptable.


1. For long contracts, wherein partial work completion and delivery is allowed, JECAMS, INC. is likewise allowed to make PARTIAL and/or PROGRESS BILLINGS.

2. Progress Billings will be made on a Fifteen Days (15-Days) Cycle from the commencement of works or every time the finished works becomes equal to Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (PHP 350,000.00) whichever applicable


1. For Standard items, delivery shall be made within a period of 10-20 working days upon receipt of purchase order, down payment, and complete specifications.

2. For Indent Items, delivery shall be made within a period of 45-60 working days upon receipt of purchase order, down payment, and complete specifications.

3. Delivery and installation of panels, partitions, workstations, furniture and supplies shall be scheduled upon site visit and upon the instructions of the Client. However, it is understood that the site shall be clean, ready and clear of any obstruction or debris to avoid delay, losses or damage to the item(s).

4. In case of delay in the installation due to the Client’s fault, JECAMS INC. may charge the client accordingly, which shall be that amount corresponding to the manpower expense incurred due to the delay, lost income or damage incurred. Elevator access, electricity/power supply must be arranged by the Client prior to delivery and installation. Damaged/missing items should be reported immediately.

5. For inter-island deliveries in the Mimaropa, Visayas and Mindanao regions, JECAMS, INC. delivery compliance obligations ends upon acceptance by the customer’s appointed on-forwarder’s or delivery contractor’s appointed time and place.

6. In the event that JECAMS, INC. is required or instructed to assist in the selection of an inter-island on-forwarder or delivery contractor, JECAMS, INC. will only recommend and will not be liable as to the performance of the delivery contractor selected by the customer. It is understood that the forwarder has the responsibility over the items upon JECAMS’ delivery of such items in good order condition.

7. Delays in the delivery and/or installation was caused by fortuitous event, force majeure or acts of God, neither the CLIENT nor JECAMS, INC., is liable for damages.


1. A Standard One (1) Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against factory defect from date of delivery in parts and services shall apply. To ascertain the actual date of delivery, that appearing in the Delivery Receipt shall prevail.

2. Further, the warranty does not include upgrades and relocation, damage to items caused by an accident, improper use or abuse of the items, alterations, scratches, dents or repairs done by a person other than JECAMS, INC. Service Agents, usage of component parts not supplied by JECAMS INC, poor operating environment, fire and other natural calamities. Fabrics, leatherette, mesh, and the like are not included in the warranty.


1. Only the specific product details, layout, and drawing hardcopies are included in this proposal and warranty.


1. Items not mentioned in the proposed deliverables, cost breakdown, and other conditions shall not form part of this proposal. Fees related to bank charges, bonds, failed pick up or delivery, re-configuration or re-consignment shall require review of the cost implication and shall necessitate a written request, prior to approval. The charges or expenses mentioned in the preceding sentence shall be considered for the account of the Client in the absence of any specific agreement between the Parties.


1. A Penalty of One Percent (1%) monthly on all unpaid items shall be applied if Client fails to settle the obligation on the due date. For purposes of ascertaining when the due date is, it shall be the date when payment should have been made based on the completion and delivery as agreed upon by the Parties.

2. When the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, it shall be considered due on the next business day for purposes of ascertain the date when payment and penalties may be demanded.

3. In case of return of items without the fault of JECAMS, INC. a penalty of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) on all items returned after delivery/ installation shall be imposed.

4. On any cancellation of order after the issuance and receipt by JECAMS, INC. of the Purchase Order, a penalty of THIRTY PERCENT (30%) on all items shall be imposed.

5. All items delivered shall remain properties of JECAMS INC until fully paid by client.

6. A change of mind on the part of the Client shall not entitle latter to an exchange or refund under Republic Act 7394, otherwise known as "The Consumer Act of the Philippines."


1. Any addition, supersession and amendment to this contract after its agreement shall be stated and annexed as "ADDENDUM TO CONTRACT".

2. Material, Products and Services contained and covered in any and all Addendum to Contract shall not be considered to withhold any payment to any part of the Original Contract.


1. Any information contained in the proposal shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone except to the agents, employees or representatives of the Client duly authorized. Likewise, JECAMS, INC. shall keep confidential all the specifications and details pertaining to the Client or the items purchased or ordered. Any breach of this Confidentiality Clause shall be a valid ground for the rescission of this Agreement between the Parties and may even expose the violating party to liability.

2. Should you have favourably considered our proposal, please sign on the Conforme Portion below to signify your intention of availing our products and services.



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